Basic Information For Students

We’re a California Licensed Traffic School, Lic #E9626

How It Works

Does your school meet the California 8-Hour Traffic School Program Requirements?

Yes. Our school meets all California Courts and DMV Traffic School Requirements for the 8-Hour Program. The good news is that it won’t take you 8 hours to complete like a walk-in school does. There are no time requirements, you can log in and out anytime, and the course is available to begin anytime.

Is the Course done entirely online?

Yes, Every course we offer is taken completely online, even your final exam is taken online.

Do I have to have something notarized?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The courts and DMV no longer require anything to be notarized. You can complete traffic school completely online with no delay!

What is the price for the program?

There’s absolutely no obligation. Today’s Special Price is listed on the home page as well. So you can check it out anytime.

What if I don’t know or forgot my username?

A username is like a password. Our site issues it to you when you create an account. It consists of your first OR last name, then seven numbers. There are no spaces or dashes. If you don’t know it, we can email it to you. Step 1: Click on “Student Log In” located top right of every page. Step 2: Click “Forgot Username” Step 3: Enter your email in the box. If we get a match, it’ll be sent right away.

*If you don’t get the email or experience a problem don’t panic, email us: [email protected] We’ll get back to you in a timely manner.